FL - 2x2 Flange

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FL - 2x2 Flange FL - 2x2 Flange

A flanged troffer for use in concealed Z-Bar ceilings.


  • Housing:
    Die-formed steel with rounded side flanges for safe handling.
  • End Trim:
    Extends over the ends and snaps into side flanges on the housing.
  • Leveling Lugs:
    Leveling lugs are attached to each corner of the body to fasten housing to concealed Z-Bar ceilings.
  • Finish:
    White polyester polymer with a minimum of 82% reflectivity.
  • Diffuser:
    Prismatic lenses and all types of louvers will easily fit door frame.
  • Ceiling Opening:
    24 1/4" x 24 1/4"
  • Notes:
    Dimensions subject to change without notice.
  • How to order:
    Call (305) 888-7851
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